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This is a developing section of the web site, based on my current research. At the moment, it’s a miscellany, with no particular organisation, but as more material is added it will become more structured.  If there is sufficient material for a geographical location, it will eventually go on the Egypt Abroad pages.


“The Plastic Marble of the Ancient Egyptians”

This seems to have been a type of Plaster of Paris manufactured by a company in Greenwich, part of south London, which claimed that it was the same as a material used by the Ancient Egyptians.  The pamphlet is interesting because it doesn’t just use hieroglyphs as decoration. Those shown on the covers are readable, and there was material inside the pamphlet on how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs, and the derivation of our alphabet from hieroglyphs, as well as promotional material on the product itself. The pamphlet dates from May 1903, well before the era of ‘Tutmania’, and seems to have been written by B R Ikin, named on the back cover as “Sole Distributing Agent”. It includes borders with hieroglyphs taken from Cleopatra’s Needle, as well as part of a biographical inscription from a tomb or stela, but the source of these is not stated.