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Murder, Mystery, Monuments & Mummies

Unwrap the secrets of the British Museum’s Egyptian collections.

See the spoils of war and a diplomat’s pension fund, the monuments moved by a six foot seven strongman, a statue of the first Egyptologist over 3,000 years old, and hijacked coffins.

Hear tales of mummies and magical scrolls, the market of the Djinn where any purchase was turned to pure gold, decide if a Duke really was “humbugged by those rascally Frenchmen”, and find out what links the Rosetta Stone and Bruce Willis.

Learn about the mummy unrolling so popular that the Archbishop of Canterbury couldn’t get into it, and see the rare remains of another unrolling. Encounter human, animal, and vegetable mummies.

Meet mummies that have starred in film and fiction, decide if one of them was murdered, and wonder whether a mummy really did sink the Titanic.

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