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Talks, Walks, & Tours

Find out about the afterlife of Ancient Egypt, and its influence on us, in a selection of London based walks and museum and gallery tours.

Click on the links below to discover more, or use the Enquiries link on the menu sidebar to ask about customised and personalised walks and tours.

I am also available as a speaker for groups and conferences, seminars and study days.  

The Elderly Lady’s Elephant

Why is Cleopatra’s Needle known as the Elderly Lady’s Elephant?

Why did it take nearly eighty years to get here?

What does Browning’s Invisible Preservative have to do with it?

The Elderly Lady's Elephant

Murder, Mystery, Monuments and Mummies

Conflict, consuls, collectors and cash - the birth of the British Museum’s Egyptian collections.

Burials and Bathtubs, including the Tomb of Alexander the Great and the magic Lovers’ Fountain.

Mayhem, Murder and Mummies.  Curses, X-rays and mummies human, animal, and vegetable.

Murder, Mystery, Monuments and Mummies

Necropolis of the North West

London’s first rock concerts in the 1840s, and the obelisk which commemorates one of the original Monsters of Rock.

Edible Egyptian temples and the man who invented the crisp.

The sphinx-guarded monument of ‘The Shakespeare of the Sawdust’.

Necropolis of the North West

Picture This

See the only member of the British peerage to be mummified and buried in an Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.

See the man who captured Arabian Nights Cairo before it disappeared forever.

See ‘The Oscar Wilde of Egyptology’, who helped crack the code of hieroglyphs.

Picture This